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In this blog, we are going to introduce you to Kaspersky Internet Security, which comes with in-built Kaspersky free antivirus. As Kaspersky comes with three packages as Antivirus, Internet Security, and Total Security; except Kaspersky key for Kaspersky Total Security, we will be providing you activation codes for the first two suites, namely Kaspersky Antivirus license key and Kaspersky Internet Security activation code. But we suggest you go for a free Kaspersky Internet Security activation code.


Kaspersky Antivirus License Key.:

Because in this edition, you get internet security measures that keep you protected from online threats and attacks. In addition, you get an in-built Kaspersky antivirus free. So, you don’t need to install Kaspersky antivirus separately and buy the Kaspersky Antivirus license key.

If you are one of those who are still using the Kaspersky 2016 version, good for you. Because we have given the lists for free Kaspersky Internet Security 2016 activation code and Kaspersky key for Kaspersky Antivirus.  You will find them under the section called “List of free Kaspersky Internet Security activation code.”

For some reason, if you don’t like Kaspersky antivirus, we have a blog on another popular antivirus, Malwarebytes Premium free key. And for internet security, you can go to our blog on the free Avast SecureLine VPN license key.

Kaspersky Antivirus Free 2016

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Why You Need Kaspersky Internet Security Activation Code?

Because of its utility and usefulness, Internet has made its way into our daily life. We use it for a myriad of things such as shopping, watching movies, online payment, data sharing, chatting with people over social media, reading news, and thousands of things.

However, it has its shortcomings, too. Internet-only helps you to connect to online platforms so that you could browse and use all sorts of things, and sift data. But the Internet can’t differentiate between good and bad, be the sites, links, software, files, etc. That is to say, it will let into your device even the harmful files and applications without you knowing it.

Why You Need Kaspersky Internet Security?


And attackers and hackers exploit this weakness of the internet and encode malware and malicious files into the aforementioned things. As a result, malware and malicious programs get into your device and take control of it.  After that, it becomes a piece of cake for attackers and hackers to collect your data, steal your banking information, hack into your device, and much more. Above all, they can also use it for unlawful activities.  Seems scary?

Kaspersky Internet Security Activation Key:

But we need not be scared. Because when activated with Kaspersky Internet Security activation code, Kaspersky Internet Security offers us all the equipment that we need to get ourselves protected from all the above online threats and malware. In addition, there is an in-built Kaspersky free antivirus in this edition that protects us offline as well. Therefore, we don’t need to worry about our system and its security.

Features of Kaspersky Internet Security


As the Internet Security edition has Kaspersky antivirus free as well, the following list will include some features related to internet security and some features a typical antivirus has. Basically, Kaspersky Internet Security gives you a 30-day trial. After that, all features and services get stopped. As a result, you will be asked to choose a plan and activate it with a license key if you want to use the application further with all its features and services.

Kaspersky Internet Security with Activation Code:

But as we are giving you the list of free activation codes for Kaspersky Internet Security, you don’t need to spend your money. And if you were using Kaspersky 2016 edition, but now the plan has expired, don’t worry. Because in the below section, we have provided the list of Kaspersky Internet Security 2016 activation codes. Or if you are using a separate Kaspersky Antivirus, then there is a list of Kaspersky Antivirus license keys for you as well.

So, don’t forget to activate your Kaspersky antivirus if you want to avail all the security features and services.

Some features are as follows:

  • VPN (Virtual Private Network): In short, VPN provides you protection by encrypting your incoming and outgoing traffic data with 128-bit AES. So, man-in-the-middle will find it really hard to break into your network and hack your device even if you are on a public Wi-Fi network.
  • Most Importantly, VPN hides your original IP even from your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and gives you a virtual one. Therefore, any website and online platform you visit can’t trace your original IP address.  Hence, it is impossible for them to log your browsing history. In addition, VPN allows you also to change your location across the globe, so you could access those content and platforms that are country-specific.  If you want to know about VPN in detail, consider reading our blog on Avast SecureLine VPN.

Webcam Protection: This feature blocks all unauthorized and spy access to your webcam. It only grants permission to trusted applications. That is to say, If any application is trying to use a webcam without permission, it alerts you. So, you could block the access manually.

New Features:

  • Payment Protection: There is a Safe Money feature. It encrypts all your financial transactions and payment. Therefore, no one could decode and steal your card number, password, security code, etc., even if they hacked into your network traffic. Moreover, It protects you from keyloggers from recording your keystroke impressions.
  • Real-Time Protection: This feature scans your whole PC in the background without disturbing you. As soon as it hunts down any malicious software or file, it deletes it or alerts you.
  • Anti-Virus: As Kaspersky Internet Security comes with an anti-virus that keeps you safe from all sorts of malware, virus, cyber-threat, and many more, therefore, you don’t purchase and download separate anti-virus.
  • File-Shredder: When you delete a file on your PC, it doesn’t get removed permanently. There still remains the shadow of it. Ever heard of data recovery? It uses that shadow! If the file you are deleting is malicious, then it might prove harmful if it is not eradicated. So, to get rid of a file or folder without leaving any trace of it, File-Shredder is a must.
  • Ads Blocker: Kaspersky provides this feature as a browser extension. If you visit a website that contains harmful and unwanted banners and advertisements, Ads Blocker blocks them all. In other words, you will not be flooded with unnecessary ads, interrupting and slowing down your work.

Internet Security :

Hurry up and be the first to activate your Kaspersky antivirus and protect yourself against cyber threats. Because an activation code is only for a device. It cannot be used again and again. After entering the license key, if you are receiving the error “it has reached its maximum limit” or something similar, it might be that someone came and used it before you.

New Kaspersky 2021 Key [All Version]

Version License key
Kaspersky Total Security FS7TH-9C1UA-WBB7P-PMR99
Kaspersky Internet Security GEJ7G-RPGTX-V1RRC-UN4TD (IP: Philippines)
Kaspersky Anti-Virus NKEEN-SNE2N-F2ETD-3JQY4
Kaspersky Internet Security for Android WUAXT-9CP7D-2PB4B-CNFMX
Kaspersky Internet Security for Android MTFDK-K46NJ-F73YN-YTS6S
Kaspersky Internet Security 8238R-X2UFR-AVC8J-2ESQ8 (IP: France)

Kaspersky 2020 License Key [All Version]

Version License key
Kaspersky Anti Virus UPPS6-E89SU-ZSS96-RTHAR (USA)
Kaspersky Total Security 58W11-2ZZP6-W9S7N-UQ52W (IP: BRAZIL)
Kaspersky Total Security AAW1V-SKBM8-RVHPN-WUJ53 (IP: BRAZIL)
Kaspersky Anti Virus FAWD3-X86PZ-W75K9-X9F2J (USA)

[New 2021] |Kaspersky Internet Security Premium Activation Code

Kaspersky Internet Security License Key for 365 days (proxy USA)
Kaspersky Internet Security License Key
Kaspersky Internet Security Activation Code for 365 days (proxy in India)
Kaspersky Internet Security Serial Key for 1 year (proxy USA)
Activation Key of Kaspersky Internet Security for Android 189 days (Brazil proxy)

100% Working Kaspersky internet security 2016 activation code

Kaspersky Internet Security Serial Key for 91 days
Kaspersky Internet Security License Key for 251 days (without proxy)
Kaspersky Internet Security Activation Code for 251 days (US Proxy)
Kaspersky Internet Security Activation Key for 41 days proxy Brazil
Kaspersky Internet Security License Code for 188 days (proxy in France)

List of Updated Kaspersky Internet Security 2016 key

Kaspersky Internet Security for 300 days (Without Proxy)
Kaspersky Internet Security for 90 days (Without Proxy)
Kaspersky Internet Security for 90 days
Kaspersky Internet Security Android for 90 days
Kaspersky Internet Security for 91 days

List of free Kaspersky antivirus license key {2020}

Kaspersky Antivirus 370 days (Without proxy)
Kaspersky Antivirus Activation Code – 1
Kaspersky Antivirus Activation Code – 2
Kaspersky Antivirus Activation Code – 3
Kaspersky Antivirus Activation Code – 4

Kaspersky License Keys for Windows and Android [Latest 2020]



We hope you found this blog useful. Now you may have some idea how Kaspersky Internet Security keeps you safe by providing protection against all sorts of malware, virus, and cyber-threat. So, go ahead and activate it with our free activation codes. Though we have given you Kaspersky Internet Security 2016 key, we would advise you to switch to the new version of Kaspersky. Because the new version will certainly include updated security features and measures. In other words, you will be more secured and protected.

If you encounter any problem during the installation or activation of the application, feel free to drop your query on our mail; we would be glad to resolve it.

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