OkMap Crack v15.5.0 Free Download 2021 [ Latest ]

OkMap Crack v15.5.0 Free Download 2021 [ Latest ]

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OkMap Crack is a program that allows you to view, edit and analyze GPS maps and allows you to scan web maps or digital maps for use. The OkMap application can use dam data related to vector shapes and height data. You can customize the map by creating locations, routes and steps on your computer screen and uploading this data to GPS. OkMap software features include automatic high-level information adjustment and estimated travel time. You can now download the latest version of OkMap from the Cracksdown website.


OkMap Crack:

OkMap full Crack is a powerful software for mapping, analyzing and displaying GPS data. With this application, you can download online, digital maps as well as pre-purchased maps. You can also retrieve vector information in a variety of formats and information about dams related to postal and ground floor data.

OkMap Desktop Full Crack:

OkMap Crack Italiano allows you to plan trips with the station, and the signals and send them according to a GPS device that is relevant. The program automatically adjusts altitude information for different sections and can estimate mileage. It also offers features that allow you to design new areas and coordinates automatically.

OkMap Desktop 2020:

Most people prefer to choose a specific route before the tour or perform activities in outer space, such as hiking or family event in nature. If you want to create a personal map and select a route to a specific destination, tools like okmap crack might be google maps the tool needed to create custom routes.

OkMap Download:

The package is packaged and inexpensive to operate and can use the GPS data collected and integrate all the required elements into a special map that can be uploaded to the navigation system.

OkMap Desktop Full:

The interface is not very good but the purpose is really good. Hence, you can add, correct, and save the data of okmaps download needed to create the map you want to create without delay. The viewing options are numerous and can be measured in a variety of ways, ranging from 1 meter to 100 kilometers per pixel.


With support for Windows points, paths, and paths, Okmap desktop full crack also has the ability to manage Google Earth and Google Maps files. In this way, GPX cards can be converted into veterinary data and vice versa, watts show the above names and so on.

Ok Maps Google Offline:

The navigation features of this application are many because ok maps offline can make satellite communications and also comes with NMEA simulator. Relevant facilities are also numerous and are intended to provide access to map servers, routes and country code functions.

OkMap Desktop v13.12 1:

There are a variety of variables, such as distance and coordinates, but they are also powerful calculators for complex mathematical expressions. In general, OkMap can make a difference through good capabilities and this will increase user expectations for a better experience.

Best OkMap Crack Features:

  • Display web maps for over 70 servers (Apple, ESRI, Google, OpenStreetMap, USGS,%)
  • Italian field columns: buildings, parcels, roof lines and zoning
  • Ability to add new custom web map cookies
  • Citation / distribution file (image over image format) (video)
  • Show your vet card
  • Show hybrid maps (raster + virtual data)
  • Ability to open multiple cards at once
  • Most use 15 mapping plans
  • Coordinated presentations include: Degrees, minutes, Minutes, UTM, ECEF, Open Space Code, Geo Reef, United
  • States National Class, English Class (National Survey National Class), Irish Class, Metric D Coordination with
  • special offers

Advance OkMap Crack Features:

  • Database with about 3000 plans defined by region
  • Database with 700 datum
  • View raster 3D maps in Google Earth (for supported image mats)
  • Project management (recording)
  • Full screen map screen
  • Additional card management (symbols, comments)
  • Victorian data management (dot, polygon, line, polygon)
  • GPX data management (points, tracks, routes)
  • File manager
  • Select some items with the mouse
  • Text menu (right mouse)
  • Automatic data operation
  • – installed on 64 bit Windows
  • – Find someone else and another friend
  • – Ability to use GPS to see your location
  • – Create custom and custom maps
  • – Find different routes on the map
  • – Download maps from multiple servers
  • – View web maps for your own use
  • Root with a compass
  • – Create OkMap Crack maps automatically
  • Zoom, auto zoom, zoom to selected ratio
  • The map moves to 3 states
  • From filling b
  • Special toolbar
  • Yes / No Show toolbar
  • Yes / No Show status bar
  • Check out the new version at the beginning
  • Supports OS: Windows
  • Minimum RAM: 1 GB
  • Location: 180 MB
  • Designer: Okmap
  • Publisher: Dolod
  • – and so on


  1. Software name: OkMap Desktop
  2. File Size: 164 MB
  3. Latest version: 14.9.1
  4. License: Share
  5. Format settings: Exe
  6. Settings made: Offline connection / standalone installation.

How to Crack, File or Use the Free OkMap Crack Desktop

  • Download and install OkMap Desktop
  • Do not install / run the program after installation
  • Copy the contents of the “Cracked” folder and send it to the installed folder
  • Do not update and enjoy …
OKMAP Disk Complete Free Download:
  • Download. (Cloud)
  • Download. (Mediafire)

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